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I was on an airplane, scribbling away at a pop-science article about one of my interlocking passions--I forget now if it was plant communication, food security, genetic engineering, evolutionary biology, corporate control of government, or dowsing. I walked down the aisle to the toilet and saw that "everybody else" on the plane was reading The Da Vinci Code. Of course! People are too exhausted by everyday life to know they would care about these topics--it has to be fiction. So I wrote a thriller, including some speculative science and some conspiracy and romance to give it the thrills. As I researched, I got increasingly alarmed that several "conspiracy" elements I thought I had dreamed up, or at least exaggerated, have already happened. More happily, the science is also leapfrogging itself.

Thus, the References section of this web site. It is "permanently in process," and I would love it if you would send me links to related topics, either on this blog or on the Contact page of the site. And of course I would deeply appreciate your spreading the word about the book.